Rep. Eric Meyer has sponsored HB2144 which, if passed would force high schools to create lists of students who have GPAs of 2.0 or worse.  The lists are kept confidential of course (FERPA) and would be seen by teachers, administrators, and parents.  The district would then have to provide interventions and tutoring to those students until their GPA climbs above 2.0.

Are administrators and teachers at the high school level so incompetent that they cannot identify students who are not showing mastery?  Where are the principals, teachers, and district administrators being educated?  What does their professional development look like?  Is identifying struggling students and developing interventions such a new concept that a law has to be passed in order for it to happen?

It is difficult for me to comprehend the need for a bill like this.  I am not even sure what my opinion is.  I want to oppose it just for the simple fact that I cannot believe this is not happening already.  I want to support it so students can get the help they need.

I used to think I wanted to teach in a school forever to help students and be the reason their life trajectory changed.  Now I am beginning to think I want to work with teachers forever, maybe teaching teachers and not just coaching so bills like this are not necessary.

We need to not only ask ourselves if our students are college and career ready, but if our administrators and teachers are college and career ready as well.